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Healthy Hair Habits from A to Z

healthy hair habits

Today, we want to share a list of several healthy hair habits. You might use this list to reflect on the strategies for strengthening hair that you already have in place or to discover a few new habits to integrate into your routine. The purpose of this list is not to do an internal finger wagging at your current practices. Instead, celebrate the healthy hair habits that you are already employing, and consider this read an opportunity to further support your hair and scalp health!

Ask for help! From hair stylists and local Divi specialists to dermatologists and primary care physicians, both healthcare and hair professionals are resources who can help you on your hair care journey.

Benefit from biotin. Biotin is a celebrated ingredient in many hair care products. For example, in Divi’s Hair Vitamins, Magnesium Biotinate is included as part of the Lustriva® complex, which is a science-based ingredient that may amplify hair thickness and support existing growth.

Consider hair care products that include coconut oil. Coconut oil helps safeguard hair fibers to aid in moisturizing the hair and in hair manageability.

Dial down the heat. Washing hair in hot water and frequent heat styling may contribute to hair concerns like itchy scalp and other hair and scalp damage.

Explore essential oils because many essential oils are known for their hair benefits. For example, tea tree oil may help remove product and oil buildup that can interfere with hair follicle and scalp health.

Focus on scalp health. To explore the importance of including this healthy hair habit, you might start by reading what Divi’s founder, Dani Austin, has to say about her experience with hair loss and scalp health.

Gain confidence in your efforts for hair and scalp health by doing your research. For example, learn more about clean beauty or investigate which vitamins may contribute to a healthy environment for hair growth.

Have a moment to reflect on how your hair and scalp are feeling. This information may help you make important choices for their overall health.

Inquire about an inside-out approach to hair and scalp health. Sometimes, people focus solely on topical or external hair care applications. However, consuming a balanced diet, prioritizing water intake or choosing to add hair vitamins into your daily routine may all help you toward your healthy hair goals.

Journal about your hair. Especially if you are experiencing any changes or emerging concerns, this information may be useful to your healthcare providers in helping you to address these worries or conditions.

Keep being curious about the use of science-backed ingredients. Sometimes, ingredients become popular, but the research may not support the proposed benefits. Your curiosity can help you make informed choices in alignment with your hair goals.

Lower your stress levels! We understand that this healthy hair habit is much easier to recommend than to implement, but even a few minutes of attention each day can make a difference. Here are 5 tips to try!

Meet menthol! In combination with other science-backed ingredients, menthol may aid in supporting scalp health and nutrient delivery to the hair roots.

Nourish your body to promote a healthy environment for hair growth. As you plan this week’s menu or prepare tonight’s take-out order, consider including scalp superfoods in your upcoming dishes.

Opt for outside-in support for hair and scalp health. Take time for a little circulation simulation with a gentle scalp massage, skip the styling tools or add a day between washes. You might also try Divi’s Scalp Serum which is intended for individuals looking to address hair thinning, dry scalp, product buildup and more!

Practice patience. Forming habits, like seeking to transform your hair and scalp health, often takes time and even some refocusing or revision along the way.

Quench your thirst …and not just when that parched feeling hits! Hydration is key for supporting the delivery of important nutrients to the scalp and for reducing the potential for dry scalp or hair.

Revisit rosemary. From beverage creations to holiday dishes, rosemary is a seasoning staple. However, hair care formulas also incorporate rosemary extract in combination with other science-backed ingredients, because it may help promote hair fullness and thickness.

Search for sulfate-free options. Sulfates may sometimes result in dryness and inflammation because they can remove too much oil from the skin. Consequently, shampoos and conditioners without sulfates may be a better choice for those already struggling with dry scalp or other conditions.

Think about testing your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D aids in hair growth as well as other bodily necessities like bone and immune health. However, as a test may reveal, people sometimes need a supplement to ensure that the body consistently has access to the appropriate amount of vitamin D.

Use UV protection. UV damage can impact hair proteins essential for growth and even hair color.

Value the foods with vitamins that promote a healthy environment for hair growth. With this healthy hair habit, your hair and whole body health may benefit.

Wear your hair down more often. Constant use of hair ties may lead to unintended breakage and even hair loss.

X out any self-judgment and criticism (or intentionally try to regulate it!). Show yourself and your hair compassion on great hair days, in challenging hair care times and, really, throughout every day.

Yield to the potential that a comprehensive hair care routine may offer in terms of supporting healthy, happy hair!

Zero in on your Zzzs. Sleep connects to hormone balance which can impact hair health. Sleep quality and quantity also ties to stress levels which may also influence whether hair is happy or more prone to a variety of hair concerns.

Now, think about your next steps in cultivating or recommitting to healthy hair habits. Does trying both an inside-out and outside-in approach intrigue you? Try Divi's Healthy Hair Bundle, which includes both our Hair Vitamins and our Scalp Serum. Looking for a foundation for your new hair care routine? Divi's Starter Bundle includes our Shampoo, our Conditioner and our Scalp Serum, so it may be just the set you've been searching for!