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11 Helpful Hair Growth Tips

helpful hair growth tips

Most of us know the importance of reflection and the impact that it can have on our lives. For Divi’s founder, Dani Austin, reflecting on her own journey with hair loss is what led to Divi’s creation. We understand the struggles and aim to offer products that help address the root cause of hair growth issues, along with sharing information that leads to a hair care routine that works for you. To aid in these efforts to improve your hair health, we’ve included some tips below that may support and nurture a healthy environment for hair growth!

Hair Growth Tips: Ingredient Essentials

Choosing clean ingredients can help you feel good about what you are putting on and in your body. They also are less likely to cause or exacerbate any issues that may compromise hair growth. While everyone’s individual hair needs and sensitivities may vary, these ingredients may be especially helpful in supporting healthy hair!

1. Biotin has quite a reputation as a hair hero! It can contribute to scalp health and increase the growth of hair follicles. This ingredient may also encourage hair volume and thickness.

2. In both cooking and hair products, rosemary makes a big impact. Rosemary oil can help prevent activity that leads to DHT-related hair loss. In supporting thicker and fuller hair growth, this ingredient may help reduce inflammation and skin irritation in order to improve circulation in the scalp and revitalize hair follicles.

3. Similarly, peppermint oil provides not only a pleasing smell but also many scalp benefits. Its contribution to nourishing layers of skin may result in thicker and longer hair. Its ability to increase blood flow in the scalp may also help stimulate hair growth.

4. Vitamin E helps protect both existing hair and scalp from environmental damage. Like many other vitamins, this ingredient also increases blood circulation to the scalp to support a healthy environment for hair growth. Finally, its hydrating properties may also reduce the likelihood of hair damage and associated hair loss.

    Hair Growth Tips: Hair Care Practices

    When life gets busy, self-care practices are sometimes the first to go, and a simple shampoo or messy bun may be the status quo. And while sometimes you may be tempted to forego your normal hair care routine, we’ve gathered some simple hair growth tips that make showing your hair some extra love simple. These hair care practices don’t take much time, but using these hair growth tips can make a big difference!

    5. For stress relief and scalp care, give yourself a scalp massage! You don’t have to wait for your next hair appointment for this relaxing experience. Simply take a few extra minutes during your next shampoo or when applying a scalp serum to promote blood circulation by gently creating circular motions across the scalp.

    6. We’ve got much love for the bun, the pony tail and any other number of hairstyles that use hair elastics. However, as useful and necessary as they can be on busy days, tight hair ties can also result in hair loss. Try a scrunchie or wearing your hair down instead!

    7. This tip is a time-saver! Forgo your usual styling products, like hairspray and heat tools. Overuse of products can actually hinder the growth of your hair. Take a few days off or change to every other day styling, and you can gain some extra time and support your hair health!

      Hair Growth Tips: Lifestyle Recommendations

      We’ll make these short and sweet because the very same choices that benefit your overall well-being also contribute to hair thickness and fullness.

      8. Take your hair vitamins! Divi’s Hair Vitamins are made with ingredients that promote a healthy hair growth cycle, support hair from root to end and improve hair fullness and thickness.

      9. If a look inside the refrigerator reveals an absence of leafy greens like spinach and healthy fats such as avocado, add these selections and other superfoods to this week’s grocery list. Eating a balanced diet plays a significant role in supporting hair health!

      10. Time to locate that reusable water bottle and plan for more water on a daily basis by setting an alarm or using a straw to create a fun habit. Like beautiful flowers in a patio planter, hair also needs consistent hydration for growth and a nourished appearance.

      11. Feel that tightness in your shoulders or that headache forming across the forehead? We often acknowledge stress in our bodies, but its presence can have serious ramifications on the scalp. Update the meditation app, go for a walk in the nearby park or try other ways to reduce stress and support a healthy environment for hair growth.

        Whether you choose one or all of these tips, celebrate that you’ve taken time to commit to a healthier you, including your hair and scalp. If you are looking for a single way to incorporate multiple healthy hair tips, try Divi’s Starter Bundle, which includes our Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Serum or The Healthy Hair Bundle with our Hair Vitamins and Scalp Serum.