How Vitamin D Supports Hair Growth and Helps Prevent Hair Loss

vitamin d supports hair growth and helps prevent hair loss

Do you hear about getting enough vitamin D at every annual physical? Have you used the importance of vitamin D to encourage your kids to play outside? Most of us know that vitamin D is essential for our overall health, but we may not know as much about its role in our hair and scalp health. However, in addition to biotin, vitamin E, and other science-backed ingredients, vitamin D contributes to hair growth and hair loss prevention. Discover the connection between vitamin D and healthy hair and how adding a hair vitamin to your routine may support this important partnership!

How does Vitamin D Contribute to Hair Growth?

Vitamin D is a key nutrient for hair growth, as well as bone health, immune system functions, and even our brain operations. In terms of hair health, vitamin D helps stimulate the hair follicles and contributes to hair growth cycle operation. This ingredient’s anti-inflammatory properties also help create a healthy environment for hair growth and may work to reduce hair loss associated with other health conditions like alopecia areata.

What is the Connection between Vitamin D and Hair Loss?

Since vitamin D is so essential for hair growth, any deficiency in this nutrient may contribute to hair loss and other health risks. Consequently, the sooner one can identify and remedy this deficiency the better for one’s overall hair health! Increasing available vitamin D can happen with the addition of supplements, shifts in eating habits, and lifestyle changes. However, it’s important to remember that a vitamin D deficiency is only one possible cause of hair loss. Other factors like hormonal changes or imbalances, stress, or underlying health conditions may also lead to hair loss or hair thinning. So, it’s a good idea to consult with your healthcare professionals when any hair changes occur.

How Can I Find Out if a Vitamin D Deficiency is Causing Hair Loss?

Check your vitamin D levels! This testing may happen as part of your annual physical. If it isn’t performed or if new concerns arise, talk to your medical professional. This discussion may also be a good opportunity to review any supplements that you are thinking of taking or to make sure that they won’t interfere with any ongoing medications or conditions.

Talk to a dermatologist! A dermatologist is often the first person we think of when a freckle changes color or we need skincare support. However, they are also experts on scalp health and thus hair health. They can help you determine causes of hair loss, offer personalized recommendations about vitamin D, or recommend other measures to promote hair growth.

Remember: If a vitamin D supplement is recommended or you are considering adding another vitamin supplement to your wellness routine, adhere to dosage guidelines. Taking supplements may help address hair loss or other health concerns, but overconsumption of even beneficial ingredients may be dangerous. Be sure to discuss supplement consumption with your healthcare team.

How Else Can I Access Vitamin D to Help Reduce Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth?

Eat a balanced diet. Enjoy salmon or tuna, milk or orange juice fortified with vitamin D, vegetables like mushrooms, and eggs. Many of these beneficial foods may also help address or prevent scalp problems.

Spend some time in the sun. Yes, overdoing it on the suntanning can be problematic, but a little daily sunshine can be beneficial. In order to avoid issues associated with too much UV ray exposure, be thoughtful about when and for how long you enjoy the sun. The sun is often less powerful in the early morning or late afternoon. Find a few minutes during these windows to expose your skin to sunlight and promote the synthesis of vitamin D.

The role of vitamin D in hair health is clear, but it is not a one ingredient cure-all. Instead, take a comprehensive approach to hair care and wellness to help prevent hair loss and support hair and scalp health. Remember, achieving any hair goals often takes time, both in creating a hair care routine that works for your unique and amazing being and in seeing potential results. For science-backed ingredients including vitamin D that may aid in hair growth and in hair loss prevention, check out Divi’s Healthy Hair Bundle. This incredible duo includes Divi’s =Hair Vitamins and Divi’s Scalp Serum which support a healthy environment for hair growth from the inside-out and the outside-in!