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8 Strategies to Strengthen Hair

8 Strategies to Strengthen Hair

If you’ve ever worked to strengthen your mental and emotional resilience, you’ve probably accumulated a wealth of self-care strategies that you now intentionally integrate into your daily routine. Strengthening hair requires a similar approach. Strong hair needs a healthy scalp and foundation to grow. To help create an environment in which strong, healthy hair can thrive, it’s important to use the best products and strategies to strengthen your hair from the inside out and outside in. Then, just like with self-care, it’s important to implement what you’ve learned with a comprehensive hair care routine.

Take a Holistic Approach to Strengthening Hair 

Strong hair requires a holistic approach. So, many of the methods for strengthening hair also enhance your overall wellness. In addition to choosing products targeted for your specific hair type and goals, these strategies may further optimize the benefits associated with topical applications.

  1. Take a hair vitamin! Much like a daily multivitamin, taking vitamins specifically designed to support your hair may not only contribute to hair health but also may contribute to whole body wellness. Divi’s Hair Vitamins may promote a healthy hair cycle and increase hair growth by nourishing hair from the roots. One included ingredient, biotin, supports the nutrition of hair and strong hair structure, and it also may also support skin health. Additionally, the many vitamin E sources reduce the likelihood of hair damage or hair loss from free radicals and simultaneously may promote the effective functioning of the immune system.
  1. Choose products with science-backed ingredients. If you’ve committed to strengthening your hair, you want to see results. Choosing dermatologist-tested products, like Divi’s Shampoo and Conditioner, means that they have been carefully evaluated for their effectiveness and ingredient safety.
  1. Care for your scalp. Massages are not just for the body. Scalp massages increase blood circulation, which creates a prime environment for hair growth. They can also be the vehicle for topical supports for strong hair, like Divi’s Scalp Serum. Relax and strengthen your hair at the same time!
  1. Manage stress. Time to visit that self-care toolbox! Whether you opt for a walk in nature or 5 minutes of mindfulness, managing your stress helps ensure that there is no disruption to the production of new hair strands. Even something like an impromptu dance party can support strong hair!
  1. Prioritize nutrition. Consuming a balanced diet and monitoring sugar and processed food consumption can help facilitate both hair and body strength. Often, the ingredients found in supplements to support hair health can easily become part of the daily menu. For example, eggs and sweet potatoes can help boost biotin consumption, which promotes hair follicle growth and daily brain functions. Vitamin C, found in foods like broccoli and strawberries, supports collagen function and immune health.
  1. Hydrate! Dehydration may actually stop the production of hair growth, while water consumption aids in nutrient delivery and breakage reduction. Be sure to enjoy those glasses of water and know that you are strengthening your hair with each sip!
  1. Set aside time for exercise. Like a scalp massage, exercise improves blood circulation. In addition to all of the other physical and mental health benefits of exercise, making time for a walk or a yoga session facilitates hair strength through creating a supportive environment for strong hair.
  1. Sleep. Sleep practices influence our ability to effectively engage other facets of comprehensive hair care, like a balanced diet and stress management. This time is also essential for overall renewal of hair as well as skin. 

Revamping your hair care routine may not happen overnight. Even a single step toward strengthening your hair can make a big impact! Using our Healthy Hair Bundle is an easy step toward taking control of your scalp and hair health. This bundle features Divi's 30ml Scalp Serum and a 1-month supply of the Hair Vitamins - everything you need to start your healthy hair routine. The Scalp Serum nourishes, hydrates and smooths while the Hair Vitamins improve the appearance of hair thickness and fullness. Subscribe to auto-shipments and save 10% on your first order today or check out the FAQ to learn more about why our products are right for you!