4 Hydration Hacks for a Healthy Scalp

When it comes to holistic health, water is as close to a miracle cure as it gets, and our scalp needs the extra H2O in order to thrive. We all know it, but itโ€™s easier to talk about implementing more water into our routines than actually doing it! Here are a few tips that are keeping us hydrated and happy.

  1. Buy a pre-measured water bottle. Itโ€™s time for a little spring cleaning! Instead of switching between 15 different bottles youโ€™ve accumulated over time, pick 2-3 of your favorite reusable water bottles and recycle the rest. Itโ€™s so important to know how much we are drinking everyday, and trying to remember the measurements of a cupboard full of bottles can be confusing and demotivating. Draw lines on your bottle to give you goals of how much youโ€™ve had to drink that day, or grab this one from Amazon. A Stanley Thirst Quencher is also a perfect option to maximize your daily water intake.

  2. Set alarms on your phone. Set a few daily alarms to remind you to finish that bottle (or 3!). We get it - the days get busy. We all need a little reminder every once in a while! You could also try a habits app that will help you to reach daily goals like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, going on a walk, etc.

  3. Use a straw. Using a straw just makes drinking water so much more FUN! It also makes drinking water so much more mindless. If itโ€™s sitting right in front of you with a straw sticking out, youโ€™ll reach your goal before you even notice.

  4. Eat more fruits & veggies. Eating more water-rich foods automatically increases your water intake, while often also providing more nutrients into your diet. Try snacking on strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, peppers, and other fresh, water-rich bites if plain water isnโ€™t cutting it.

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