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Want to join an exclusive team of professionals to partner with Divi, earn commission and grow your business?

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A barber fixing his client's hair A barber fixing his client's hair

Client Care. Scalp Care.

As stylists, you oftentimes double as therapists, friends and confidants. Your clients trust you for advice on their relationships, jobs and families. Most of all, they trust you with their hair. That’s why we created the Divi Specialist program—to provide you with best-in-class products to help your clients grow their happiest and healthiest hair—starting from the scalp.

Divi’s scalp serum is for anyone and everyone. Our unique formula addresses dry scalp, product build-up, blood circulation and more. Our customers have found internet-breaking results when it comes to hair growth, hair fullness and overall scalp health—now let’s give yours the same.

Divi Specialist Benefits

Divi Specialist Community Portal logo

Inside Scoop

Through our community portal, you’ll have early access to exciting changes, new product launches and more. Plus, our team is available to answer any of your questions.
Divi Specialist Exclusive Discounts logo

Exclusive Discounts

Each Divi Specialist will receive a custom Divi discount code and link to share with their audience and 15% commission on every order placed through that custom link and discount code. As an added bonus, stylists will receive discounted products to test and promote.
Divi Specialist Premium Perks logo

Premium Perks

Enter exclusive contests for chances to win free products, access to events and opportunities to join the Divi Official family. Plus, we love reposting your content and tagging your page on Divi channels to help you grow your business.
A Divi Specialist applying Divi's Scalp Serum to a client's hair A Divi Specialist applying Divi's Scalp Serum to a client's hair

How it Works

Complete our application with important details about you and your business.

Join the Waitlist
After you apply, you’ll be entered into our waiting list. Here, we’ll look at your platforms and personality to see if you’re a good fit. We also focus on factors such as location, specialty and salon-type to get a wide variety of stylists in the program. To get closer to the top of the waitlist, refer other stylists to apply.

Become a #DiviSpecialist
As a Divi Specialist, you’ll share your personal experience with Divi, promote your link and code and educate others about our serum. Make sure you stay true to you—we want to see your unique journey and your personality shine through.

Continue Learning
Through our Divi Specialist program, we’ll offer countless educational opportunities to learn about our product, ingredients, mission, vision and more.

Grow and Go
Similar to Club Divi, our stylist program is built with different tiers based on sales and commission. The higher your level, the more benefits you’ll receive—including special opportunities to travel with other stylists and our team.

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  • A boxed bottle of Divi scalp serum
  • A Divi Specialist holding a bottle of Divi's Scalp Serum while advising her client
  • A Divi Specialist applying Divi's Scalp Serum to a customer's hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Divi is connecting with hair stylists all over the country (soon-to-be world) to bring quality scalp care to their online audiences and in-person clients. Our goal is to provide scalp health education and resources to an industry that often takes a very surface-level approach to scalp care and hair loss. Here at Divi, we're getting to the root of the problem—and you get to play a part in that.

First things first, you’ll fill out our application! If selected, we’ll provide you with instructions, information and campaign details. Partners who join will have the option to authentically promote Divi and our mission on an ongoing monthly or campaign-specific basis to their social platforms. 

Involvement in a community of like-minded hair enthusiasts who share the same passion for clean hair products

Early access to news and product launches

Free and discounted products

Access to events and other opportunities to strengthen your connection with the Divi team

And more!

You will earn 15% on every order placed through your custom link or discount code.

No. The more sales you generate, the more money you earn (and the greater chances you'll have to be selected for exclusive Divi trips and giveaways.)

Commission is paid out every 30 days.

Yes. Depending on the campaign you are invited to, free products will be shipped to the address you provide.

Yes. You are welcome to repost any Divi content, but be sure to give us credit :) That said, original content typically performs better—you know your followers best and we trust your judgment.

*Disclaimer: Divi has the right to repost any Divi Specialist's content to their social channels and website. Don’t worry—we will always give credit to our original creators.

At this time, we’re focusing on growing the program inside the United States before including other countries. If you live in another country, send an email to and we’ll let you know once we expand outside of the U.S.!