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Vitamins for Hair Loss: The Importance of Water

the importance of water consumption on vitamins for hair loss

From developing a scalp superfood menu and comprehensive hair care routine to researching clean beauty products and hair care supplements like our Hair Vitamins, we celebrate that you are treating yourself with love and compassion by investing in the health of your hair and body. When it comes to ensuring that you have access to the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals, taking care of your hydration is also important. Below, we highlight how your water intake significantly contributes to the absorption and effective regulation of nutrients, including vitamins that may aid against hair loss and support a healthy environment for hair growth.

How does water aid in the absorption of vitamins that may reduce the potential for hair loss?

Many of us know the benefits of drinking water, but we may be less familiar with how water contributes to a healthy environment for hair growth. These four key functions help ensure that our bodies have the nutrients necessary for us to thrive, including access to vitamins that may aid against hair loss.

  1. Digestion: Drinking water improves digestion, since it contributes to the breakdown of food. This process means that the body is better able to extract vitamins from the food you eat.

  2. Access: Water enables vitamins and minerals to be absorbed into the body. Since water helps dissolve these nutrients, water facilitates the accessing of these nutrients in the digestive tract. Similarly, hydrated skin is also important for the topical absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in particular, such as Vitamin E. Vitamin E interacts with free radicals to prevent them from causing hair damage and possible hair loss, and promotes overall scalp health.

  3. Metabolism: For effective metabolic functioning, water supports the processing of vitamins that promote hair growth and whole body wellness from beneficial food sources. Metabolic efficiency also contributes to the processing of the science-backed ingredients found in our Hair Vitamins that may help address underlying causes of hair loss and thinning.

  4. Transportation: In addition to the extraction, access and processing of essential nutrients, water is the primary method of transport throughout the body and ensures that vitamins are delivered to the cells and tissues, including skin cells on the scalp. Proper hydration aids against scalp dryness that may lead to hair loss, itchiness and other hair concerns and supports overall scalp health with essential vitamin delivery.

Why is water essential for removing toxins that may lead to hair loss or that may compromise the body’s use of vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth?

We typically think about hydrating around specific activities, such as a tough workout, being outside on a hot day or a long day of traveling. However, water is essential for removing toxins on a daily basis in addition to other functions. Here are three ways that water helps ensure the body’s access to and use of vitamins and minerals to promote whole body wellness and aid against hair loss and other hair concerns.

  1. Filter: The kidneys are particularly important in terms of regulating the metabolism of vitamins and ensuring the right balance of nutrients in the body. They are responsible for filtering waste products, which may include excess vitamins or minerals. Staying hydrated with adequate water consumption helps ensure the proper management of vitamins and minerals by enabling the body to filter the water products. Water helps the kidneys filter nutrients, which contributes to a healthy body and environment for hair growth.

  2. Flush: Accumulated toxins can lead to a variety of health concerns, such as inflammation and stress, that may lead to hair loss or vitamin deficiency or excess. Consequently, overall health and efficient use of nutrients requires attention to daily hydration to maintain the regular flushing of waste and toxins from the body. Consider employing one of these practices to lower your stress levels and toasting this achievement with water!

  3. Balance: Proper hydration helps support the body’s electrolyte balance. This balance contributes to the body’s ability to absorb and use vitamins, such as B-complex vitamins. Vitamin B12, for example, is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for red blood cell formation. Red blood cells ensure that oxygen is supplied throughout the body, including hair follicles and their cells. This function within the body is yet another reason why water is so important in aiding against hair loss and supporting overall wellness through efficient vitamin access and use.

Figuring out how much water you should drink or even acknowledging your thirst takes some effort and some mindfulness. However, investing time in your hydration is a critical asset in your hair and body health, and these hydration tips may help! Much like water is an essential resource for internal and external care, Divi’s Healthy Hair Bundle also enables you to take control of your scalp and hair health from the inside out and outside in. For individuals looking for a holistic approach to support their hair and scalp health or those experiencing hair loss, dry scalp or fragile hair, try this duo of our Hair Vitamins and our Scalp Serum today!