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5 Vitamins for Hair Growth (and where to find them!)

Vitamins for Hair Growth (and similar foods)

Although August was National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we know that hair loss concerns remain a year-long issue. As part of a healthy hair care routine and hair growth journey, a balanced diet that includes essential vitamins plays an important role. The following highlights a few important vitamins (and common foods) for hair growth.

Vitamin A and Sweet Potatoes

Like many vitamins for hair growth, Vitamin A may promote hair growth and may aid against hair loss. It contributes to sebum production and, in this role, helps moisturize the scalp and protect hair against becoming too dry or more likely to experience breakage. By helping to prevent various hair weaknesses that can slow growth, Vitamin A in its recommended daily amount is essential.

On its own, a sweet potato baked in its skin provides more than the daily recommendation of Vitamin A. Try a new recipe like a stew or curry made with spinach and sweet potatoes or something sweeter like a sweet potato-based pudding. If sweet potatoes aren’t your favorite, you can always enjoy the refreshment of a mango or cantaloupe sorbet for some vitamin A alternatives.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin) and Walnuts

Biotin is often highlighted for its skin and hair health benefits. It helps aid in nutritional and structural support for hair which helps support hair thickness and existing growth.

A serving of walnuts provides a high amount of biotin! Consider using walnuts in your pesto or adding them to your usual granola mix. Want to add a little variety to this week’s meal? Try an entree like a Walnut-Rosemary Crusted Salmon or include walnuts in a taco filling mix!

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Sweet Red Peppers

In addition to its reputation for preventing colds and other illnesses, Vitamin C can aid in creating a healthy environment for hair growth. It may support both scalp health and hair strength.

Although oranges often get all of the Vitamin C celebration, raw red bell peppers actually include more of this vitamin than either oranges or orange juice! Enjoy red pepper slices as the perfect vehicle for dipping in hummus or a favorite creamy dressing. Still loving that air fryer? Try out these Air Fryer Turkey Stuffed Peppers.

Vitamin D and Mushrooms

In addition to bone health and immune system operations, Vitamin D may aid in hair follicle stimulation. In doing so, this vitamin may help support hair thickness and may help prevent premature hair loss.

In addition to sun and several types of fish, mushrooms can offer a notable amount of Vitamin D. Whether grilling, sauteing, or stuffing them, mushrooms are a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. For inspiration beyond Mushroom Stroganoff, consider making a Mushroom Pate or a mushroom soup.

Vitamin E and Sunflower Seeds

Vitamin E promotes overall scalp health. Known for its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E may be a helpful support in mitigating the impact of free radicals and other stressors that may compromise hair follicle cells.

A crowd favorite at baseball games, a 1 ounce serving of dry roasted sunflower seeds also offers almost half of the recommended daily value of Vitamin E. Turn them into a butter for sandwiches or sauces, or enjoy them as a brittle or atop a delicious salad.

Dining on delicious meals that includes these vitamins and other scalp superfoods helps contribute to whole body wellness, including hair and scalp health. Another way to access essential vitamins is through taking supplements. Divi’s Hair Vitamins are formulated with ingredients that help to promote a healthy hair growth cycle, improve hair fullness and thickness and support hair from root to end. You might even take your daily recommended dose of our vitamins with an evening meal that includes one or more of these hair growth-helping foods!