The Healthy Hair Bundle

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Take control of your scalp and hair health from the inside out, and outside in with the Healthy Hair Bundle. Featuring our 30ml Scalp Serum and 1-month supply of To the Roots Hair Vitamins, this duo has everything you need to start your healthy hair routine. Our Scalp Serum nourishes, hydrates and soothes, while our Hair Vitamins increase existing growth, promote a healthy hair growth cycle and improve hair fullness and thickness. So whether you're trying Divi for the first time, or stocking up on your faves, the Healthy Hair Bundle is the perfect way to show your scalp and hair some TLC.

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30ml (1 fl oz) Scalp Serum + 1-Month Supply (120 Capsules) Hair Vitamins

Meet Your Healthy Scalp Routine


Our Scalp Serum is a topical solution that helps promote happy hair by hydrating, nourishing and soothing the scalp from outside-in.


Our Hair Vitamins are ingested and promote hair growth and hair health by addressing the root causes of hair loss from the inside-out.

Getting The Healthy Hair Bundle, Every Month

As with any routine, best results are achieved with continued use. Remember, consistency is key!

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Crafting Every Formula With Care

  • Vegan


  • Made in the U.S.A. with <br> Globally Sourced Ingredients

    Made in the U.S.A. with
    Globally Sourced Ingredients

  • Cruelty-Free


A Brand You Can Trust

The Healthy Hair Bundle