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How to Choose a Hair Vitamin: 8 Helpful Hints

How to Choose a Hair Vitamin: 8 Helpful Hints

Even if we don’t always do it, most of us know that eating a balanced diet with a variety of nutrient-rich foods is the best way to ensure that the body has the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive, which includes our hair health. Specially formulated hair vitamins that target hair improvements, like thickness and growth, often include the same vitamins that a healthy diet should include. For example, vitamin C and zinc both support healthy hair, along with your skin and immune system. So, why should one take a hair vitamin? These supplements are designed to facilitate healthy hair and scalp maintenance because they provide additional nutrients and unique ingredients that address a variety of hair concerns, while also offering some potential benefits to the body. 

Tips to Choose the Right Hair Vitamin for You

Although many shampoos, conditioners, serums, and other hair and scalp products include nourishing nutrients, hair vitamins can offer further improvements and enhancements because they often deliver more of those helpful ingredients to the body. However, there are a lot of products on the market from which to choose, so here are some helpful hints about the factors that you should consider when you are exploring how to choose a hair vitamin that is right for you.

  1. Take a moment to identify what has started you on your “how to choose a hair vitamin” quest. Was it simply the desire to better care for the unique needs of your hair that motivated your search? Has a consultation with a friend or a hair care professional encouraged you to explore this addition to your established wellness routine? Have changes in your hair or scalp inspired you to set personal goals for them or for improvements that you’d like to see? Whether the starting point for this search is related to appearance, maintenance, or more general objectives like a complete healthy hair routine, begin your online inquiry into product availability with these key terms and phrases. 
  1. Additionally, consulting a healthcare professional, such as your regular doctor or a certified dietician who may be working with you to address other vitamin deficiencies is necessary to ensure that a hair vitamin is right for you. Whether as your starting point in the search process or as a final step before beginning a vitamin regimen, healthcare providers, particularly those who are aware of your individual needs, medications, or ongoing health concerns, can help assure your safety and may be able to offer personalized recommendations as to which hair vitamin may work best for you! 
  1. Another hint to help you narrow your search is to consider your preferred intake method for supplements or medications and any issues you may have with remembering to take them. For example, some pills come in capsule form, like To The Roots Hair Vitamins, which then use slow-release beadlet technology to provide science-backed ingredients. Other options like hair gummies, which often contain more added sugars, are also on the market. 
  1. Further, refine your search by including your specific hair concerns. This inquiry may also help highlight the particular ingredients linked to addressing it. For example, some hair vitamins target increasing hair growth and hair thickness, and the presence of biotin in the hair vitamin plays a key part in achieving these results. An iron deficiency often contributes to hair loss, and vitamin D helps ensure healthy hair follicles. Together with biotin, they may further magnify the potential opportunity for hair enhancement.
  1. Now that you are thinking about how specific ingredients can facilitate scalp and hair health in general and as related to your hair goals, explore the ingredient lists on your potential hair vitamin options. For example, biotin, vitamin D, and zinc will help with hair loss, while vitamin E helps decrease oxidative stress on the scalp, and rosemary works to block the hormone, DHT.
  1. In deciding how to choose a hair vitamin, also consider how your particular diet or lifestyle preferences align with the ingredient list. For example, vegans may want to confirm that the hair vitamins have no animal or animal-derived ingredients. Likewise, those that maintain a gluten-free diet should look for hair vitamins without gluten.
  1. Be clear on the recommended dosage and the stated timeline for your intended hair vitamin and regimen. Most hair vitamins will require a consistent and continuous period of consumption to achieve the anticipated results. Often some progress may be evident after the initial few months of usage, while full results may need a more substantial period to take effect. Furthermore, outcomes may vary by individual and each individual’s unique hair needs.
  2. Finally, look for a trusted hair vitamin brand. The health and beauty market includes a broad range of companies, so after you've completed your due diligence on the ingredients and nutrients best suited for your hair, narrow down your list by vetting the brands as well. For example, look at how various brands source their ingredients or if they share their testing standards. At Divi, we stand by our products that are backed by science, rooted in nature, and loved by all.

Although hair vitamins often have incredible results when used as directed and in consultation with guidance from medical professionals, they are not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. You have probably already heard from your doctor that hydration and stress reduction are important in maintaining your overall health, but they are also necessary for scalp and hair health. With some self-study, thoughtful research, and support from your medical professionals, you will be able to find and choose a hair vitamin that is right for you!