How to Vet The Best Hair Vitamins: Learn about The Divi Difference!

how to vet the best hair vitamins

Investing in the best vitamins for your hair goals, like a healthy hair growth cycle or improved hair fullness and thickness, is an investment in your overall health. Maybe, your experience with hair loss or thinning has prompted your search. Perhaps, you’ve just decided that it's time to research the products that you consume. Or, maybe you want to take stock of your overall health and wellness. At Divi, we take a holistic approach to supporting your hair and scalp health, so regardless of the reason you are looking into hair vitamins, we believe our products are an excellent option. We understand that there may be similarities, as you research how to choose a hair vitamin, in ingredients and in potential benefits. Below, we want to highlight what to research and how Divi’s Hair Vitamins meet some rigorous standards for excellence.

5 Factors to Consider While Evaluating Hair Vitamins

Understanding what you put into your body is important. At Divi, we believe in transparency and utilizing science-backed ingredients. In fact, we compiled and shared a scientific overview outlining the development of Divi’s Hair Vitamins. While not every hair vitamin on the market offers this underlying research, we’ve outlined some factors to consider while finding the best hair vitamin for you. Ultimately, we believe our research lead to a great product that stands out among the rest.

  1. Price

    Price is a natural factor in choosing any product. At Divi, we prioritize a quality product over profit, and our aim is to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their hair health. Our commitment to making healthy scalps and happy hair accessible to everyone is one of the reasons that we proudly offer our innovative product at a lower cost than that of comparable competitors. For a one-time purchase of a 30-day supply of our Hair Vitamins, our product costs $20 less than the competing selections.

  2. Beadlet Technology

    In the wider field of supplements, this technology originated from a desire for a more sustainable delivery system of nutrients into the body. These slow-release beadlets also offer the following benefits, which are leveraged in our Hair Vitamins:

    - Enhanced absorption into the body, similar to the body’s natural digestion of food for more controlled absorption.

    - Delayed release of active ingredients until they have reached their intended destination, such as the stomach or small intestine. Bonus: Since our slow-release beadlets help delay absorption, our supplement is designed to be gentle on the stomach.

    - Reduced need for multiple daily doses. Bonus: Our Hair Vitamins only need to be taken once a day in the evening with food, which is another way that they are designed to be less likely to upset the stomach.

    While there are different forms of delivery, understanding how any vitamin enters your system and impacts your overall health is an important factor.

  3. Science-Backed Ingredients

    We believe that the best hair and health products, including vitamins are made from science-backed ingredients. Divi’s Hair Vitamins include ingredients that are backed by clinical studies, a longtime history of use and/or extensive research. We’ve highlighted some of our key ingredients below and provide transparency with regard to the ingredient list on our Hair Vitamins page and product packaging.

    - KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root Extract (included in the Divi Roots-9 Complex): Using the most widely studied part of the ashwagandha plant—the roots—this adaptogen may reduce stress related chemicals and their negative effects on hair.**

    - Gamma E Blend (included in the Divi Roots-9 Complex): This antioxidant blend of Vitamin E interacts with free radicals to prevent them from causing damage and possible hair loss.**

    - LUSTRIVA®: A complex of Arginine Silicate and Magnesium Biotinate that is 40x more absorbable than D-Biotin which is found in most other hair supplements. This means that your body can actually retain up to 40x more biotin!

    Although many supplements include collagen, research suggests that in order to get an effective dosage, this protein is best consumed in collagen-rich foods or powder supplements. Knowing this, we decided to omit this ingredient (as it wouldn't provide an effective dosage) in order to keep our vitamin vegan.

  4. Clinically Effective Dosages

    Divi’s Hair Vitamins offer a unique blend of key ingredients that accounts for the dosage required for effectiveness. For example, in addition to omitting collagen, we include Lustriva® at its clinically effective dosage - which has been shown to help provide nutritional and structural support to hair and skin, supports healthy circulation and has been shown to support hair thickness and existing hair growth.** Clear dosage directions for our hair vitamins are also provided, as is information about potential results and benefits. The intention of the daily serving of smaller capsules is so that they may be easier to swallow!

    When researching other hair vitamins, it is vital to look at the recommended dosage. If there is no information on dosage of the underlying ingredients, then you may want to conduct additional research.

  5. Vegan

    Our carefully-selected ingredients are encapsulated in capsules derived from plant-sourced cellulose, while many other hair vitamins are offered in gelatin capsules. Divi’s Hair Vitamins are also free of other animal-derived ingredients often found in hair supplements including dairy, eggs and fish. Divi is proudly certified by Leaping Bunny, an organization committed to ensuring that a company's product development is free of new animal testing.

    Maintaining a vegan lifestyle may or may not be important to you. However, it is important to ensure the entire vitamin aligns with your health and wellness goals. This plant-based focus also eliminates many other potential allergens and sensitivities.

Do you have more questions about our Hair Vitamins or other hair care essentials like our Scalp Serum? Check out our FAQ page, explore our customer reviews, chat online with a member of The Divi Team or speak with your local Divi Specialist. You can also find tips for hair and scalp health on our blog. Are you ready to support your scalp and hair health from the inside out and the outside in? Try Divi’s Healthy Hair Bundle, which includes both our Hair Vitamins and our Scalp Serum!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.