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Lower Your Stress Levels with These 5 Tips!

lower your stress and improve your hair health

Did you know that there is a connection between stress levels and hair and scalp health? In fact, high stress levels may even contribute to hair loss, so the time to enhance your stress management practices is now! Understandably, our bodies respond to overwhelming emotions physically, and intense stress can often cause damage to our scalps over time. Although there are many factors that contribute to a healthy environment for hair growth, lowering stress levels is one way to care for your scalp and your entire being. Here are 5 tips to help you better manage your stress levels today!

  1. Create a routine.

    Integrating even small routines help our minds feel more organized and less overwhelmed. For some of us, starting the day with a focused to-do list where we can check off each task as we complete it is a great tool. For others, establishing a solid nighttime routine like turning the TV off by 10pm and finishing a glass of water may provide the time (and hydration) your mind needs to slow down and prepare for true rest.

  2. Practice deep breathing.

    Take a minute to think about the last time you were aware of your breathing. It’s probably right now! Even something as instinctive as breathing can affect our everyday stress levels. Making time for yoga or daily mindfulness practices offers benefits to your overall health and helps reduce stress levels. However, using the breath when feeling stressed or anxious can be done anytime, anywhere, and in just a few minutes. Try this breathing exercise: breathe deeply for 4 counts, hold for 3 seconds, and release slowly for 6 counts. Repeat 3-5 times.

  3. Schedule your overthinking.

    Although this simple tip may seem like the most overthinking statement ever, it actually makes a world of difference when it comes to managing stress levels. If your mind won’t stop running in circles, block off 5, 10, or even 30 minutes on your calendar as “worry time”. Then, when you feel your stress levels start to rise, gently remind yourself that you can wait until that designated time frame to address that particular mental marathon. During this scheduled event, you might also find it helpful to write down what is causing the internal whirlwind. When time is up, close that mental door (and the physical notebook) for the day and shift your focus, perhaps by preparing something positive to enjoy!

  4. Stop scrolling.

    We are so addicted to our screens that we even turn to them to lower our stress levels, even if they are the cause of that stress! Stop the avalanche of worry from descending further by putting down the phone or tablet and choosing a relaxation technique instead. Revisit the breath practice mentioned above or do a body scan, which combines slowing down the breath with muscle relaxation.

  5. Eat a balanced diet.

    Nourishing your body with the food it needs to thrive can help lower stress levels and support your hair health, especially when you eat foods with these vitamins for hair growth. By eating enough calories and choosing the right foods, you can help manage stress and support your body and scalp. These matcha energy balls are a favorite healthy snack and quick treat!

With these tips and tools at the ready, we hope you are feeling even more confident in your ability to navigate the fluctuations in stress levels that naturally happen each day. For more resources on scalp health and wellness, check out our blog or join the Club Divi community!

The Divi Team