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Serine and Hair Growth: Mechanism Of Action

Serine and Hair Growth: Mechanism Of Action

Understanding the ingredients in hair care and scalp care products will help you to find the one best suiting your needs. This can depend on your hair type, existing health conditions or intention to tackle hair loss. The ultimate goal is finding a set of products to improve scalp health, which in turn promotes hair growth.

Divi's Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Serum contain many high-quality, clean ingredients. In this article, we'll discuss one of those ingredients, serine, and how this ingredient can help protect your hair and scalp from different conditions.

What is Serine?

Serine is a nonessential amino acid synthesized from several of the body's metabolites. We also get serine from nuts, soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, fish, meat and eggs.

There are two types of serine: D-serine and L-serine. Both help make proteins. D-serine also aids in the transmission of chemical signals to the brain.

Why is Serine Important For Hair Growth?

Serine is a nutritionally nonessential amino acid that helps the body produce enzymes, muscle tissue and proteins. Getting a sufficient amount of serine improves overall body health and helps create a healthier scalp, which is essential to promoting hair growth. 

The scalp microbiome has a fragile balance, and the microbial communities of the scalp and hair follicles are easily disrupted. Ensuring you get an adequate amount of serine is essential. 

It is typically used in hair products for topical application, among other amino acids, to help boost collagen production, retain moisture, and increase the skin's elasticity. Its benefits are due to its ability to condition hair, which can minimize hair loss and help to create smoother, healthier and stronger hair.

The antistatic properties of serine also make it an excellent shampoo and conditioner ingredient. It is typically soothing and gentle and will not irritate the scalp.

Hydration is key to the human hair follicle and scalp health. Serine can help keep the hair and scalp hydrated and retains moisture.

Serine can also provide collagen production. This helps with hydration, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Improved hair and scalp health can help with the natural hair cycle, preventing the stages that result in hair loss.

The hair cycle comprises four distinct phases. Let's take a look.

Anagen Phase

The anagen phase of the hair cycle is also known as the growth phase. This phase is typically the longest and can last anywhere from 3-5 years.

The longer the anagen phase, the longer hair grows. Human hair follicles continue to produce hair during this stage. 

Good scalp and hair health will improve blood flow and ensure hair follicles get the nutrition and oxygen required for normal hair growth.

Catagen Phase

The catagen phase of the hair growth cycle is also known as the transition phase and typically lasts about 10 days. During this phase of the hair cycle, hair follicles begin to shrink, and hair growth slows. Hair can also separate from the follicle but will stay in place.

While up to 90% of your hair will be in the anagen phase of the hair cycle at any given time, only around 5% will be in the catagen phase.

Telogen Phase

During the telogen phase of the hair cycle, 10%-15% of your hair will be in this resting stage. This is when hair stops growing but doesn't fall out.

Exogen Phase

The exogen phase, also called the hair-shedding phase, of the hair cycle follows the telogen phase when the hair falls from the scalp. Humans generally lose 50-100 hairs per day, and this phase can last 2-5 months as new hair replaces the shed hair.

Naming the Conditions Helped by Serine

The following conditions could benefit from the topical application of serine:

  • Dry scalp – Poor scalp health can result in irritation, disruption in oil production, flaking and dryness.
  • Thinning hair – Serine can help prevent and minimize the effects of hair loss by helping with the production of amino acids essential to growing new cells and stimulating hair follicles.

Possible Side Effects of Serine

While side effects such as nausea, stomach upsets and vomiting can occur through serine dietary supplements, it is uncommon. Thankfully all of Divi’s scalp care products, including our Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Serum, are applied topically and are dermatologically tested to ensure the proper amounts of each ingredient are added for safe use.

Serine in Divi’s Products

Serine is a popular ingredient in hair and scalp care products, along with other ingredients that promote hair follicle growth. Divi's scalp care products contain many clean ingredients shown to benefit a number of growth factors, such as outer root sheath health, cell proliferation and the protection of hair follicle cells.

This can result in greater hair density and the ability to prevent or tackle hair growth disorders.

Divi’s products will also benefit from a healthy diet and lifestyle, which can be significant factors in healthy hair growth.

Divi's Shampoo

Divi's Shampoo is created with a blend of ingredients capable of cleansing, repairing, and moisturizing your hair and scalp. The ingredients have been selected to soothe your scalp and hair, help strengthen your hair, and minimize the risk of dryness.

Divi's Conditioner

Divi's Conditioner uses serine and a blend of other ingredients to help moisturize, detangle, and strengthen your hair. Divi provides an excellent way to protect and nourish your hair and scalp by making the most of clean oils, peptides and nutrients.

Divi Scalp Serum

Divi’s Scalp Serum is a lightweight blend of peptides and amino acids that help remove hair follicle buildup, nourish your hair, and minimize hair loss symptoms and scalp conditions.

Used alongside Divi’s Shampoo and Conditioner, our Scalp Serum can help improve the health of your scalp and hair microbiome.

Anyone with certain hair conditions or concerns about hair loss can take steps to help by using high-quality hair care products, including the full Divi lineup.

Final Thoughts

Hair loss and scalp conditions can be alarming, but there are ways to combat them. Scalp care products by Divi are blended using various ingredients shown to help with hair follicle health and growth.

Serine is just one ingredient able to promote scalp and hair health. A good hair care regime is essential to extending the growth phase of the hair cycle.

A good diet and lifestyle along with using Divi's products can put you in a great position to minimize the risk of scalp conditions and hair loss.