Unique Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis Scratch Prevention

unique remedies for scalp psoriasis scratch prevention

The National Psoriasis Foundation® reports that more than 7.5 million adults are impacted by some form of psoriasis in the United States. Approximately 50% of those individuals have scalp psoriasis. Whether you are struggling with this condition or any other hair concerns, we know that these experiences can be physically and emotionally taxing. At Divi, we also understand the importance of embracing self-compassion and confidence in both joyful and challenging times. First, we’ll overview what scalp psoriasis is and some potential ways to help identify any of its common symptoms. Then, we hope these 6 unique remedies may help you compassionately care for any scratch-inspiring symptoms associated with this condition and many others.

What is scalp psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis is one of many reasons that you may have a sensitive scalp. This condition results from an abnormal immune system response which leads to chronic inflammation. With this skin condition, there is a rapid accumulation of skin cells on the scalp’s surface. This buildup causes the formation of thick, scaly patches in various shades of red (from pink to brown) or even a silvery sheen. Cases may be mild or severe and include symptoms, such as dandruff-like flaking, redness, itching, and potentially even hair loss. It may also be found on the neck or behind the ears and occur at the same time as flare-ups in other areas of the body. Although immune issues and genetics are believed to be the primary causes of scalp psoriasis, a variety of factors may also trigger this condition and its symptoms.

What are some unique remedies for avoiding the urge to scratch due to scalp psoriasis?

If you suspect that you are experiencing scalp psoriasis, your doctor or dermatologist can help with diagnosis, prescribe treatments to help control the symptoms and provide other itchy scalp treatment tips. Additionally, here are some unique remedies that may help you avoid scratching, ease the itch and maybe even enjoy some fun or relaxation!

  • Cold compresses: Turn on your favorite show, enjoy your meditation app or catch up with a friend or family member on the phone while you try this remedy. Before you begin your chosen activity, prepare the cold compress of your choice like that aged bag of frozen peas or a wet cloth that has been put in the freezer to achieve your desired level of coolness.

  • Stress relief: While the recommendation to lower your stress levels may not be entirely new to you, here are 5 more tips to try! In addition to helping you avoid the desire to scratch your scalp, lowering your stress levels is an important way to facilitate the overall health of your hair and scalp. We are currently trying tip #3: scheduling our overthinking!

  • Hand coverings: With this remedy for dealing with the scalp psoriasis-induced desire to scratch, the possibilities are endless. Sure, you can always wear your favorite mittens, but you could also let your hand coverings inspire other activities. Do you have kids? Skip the scratching and create sock puppets, so you can put on a show! Want to finally make your grandma’s favorite casserole? Maybe you don’t always wear gloves during your food preparation, but putting on some cut resistant gloves can offer additional protection for your hands while you dice and chop as well as for your head.

  • Fidget toys: If you are a parent or a teacher, you probably already have a few of these items around. If not, find one that intrigues you or that is easily portable. After all, you’ll never know when the distraction of a fidget toy may serve as a remedy for a scalp psoriasis itch or for everyday stress!

  • Ice cube scalp massage: While many of us look forward to the indulgence of the stylist’s skillful scalp massage during the pre-trim shampoo, adding a scalp massage to your regular self-care routine or as a scratch deterrent offers a variety of benefits. The cold sensation that accompanies gently moving an ice cube around the scalp psoriasis flare-up can provide some relief from the itch while also stimulating blood circulation, which can support a healthy scalp.

  • Minty lip balm: Choose your favorite mint flavor and use your hands to nourish your smile instead of scratching! Breathing in the minty scent can help calm the mind while the cooling sensation on the lips may be enough to redirect your attention from your scalp psoriasis symptoms.

Be empowered to prevent damage to your hair, scalp, or any other area of your body with these anti-scratching remedies or your own creative ways to lessen scalp psoriasis symptoms or other itch-inducing conditions. For a collection that offers benefits like removing product buildup that may result in inflammation and maintaining hydration and resilience against environmental factors that may cause damage to the hair, our Starter Bundle includes our Shampoo, our Conditioner, and a 30ml bottle of our Scalp Serum. Start enjoying happier, healthier hair today!