Glycine Benefits for Treating Hair Loss Studies & Data

A lady applying Divi's scalp serum to her scalp

Glycine Benefits for Treating Hair Loss Studies & Data

Glycine (not to be confused with glycerin) is an amino acid that plays an important role in hair growth. Due to its potential as an ally for healthy and happy hair, glycine is one of the fantastic and clinically effective ingredients used in Divi's Scalp Serum, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

Glycine particularly aids the functioning of the central nervous system and digestive system, but applied topically as part of Divi's hair products, it can also be an important addition to your hair care regimen.

Read on to learn more about glycine and its ability to battle hair loss.

What is Glycine?

Glycine is one of the smallest and simplest amino acids, meaning it can fit into many different places. 

Glycine is found in many parts of the body in humans and animals, and has even been found in space! Fortunately, we don't have to go all that way to get it — glycine is actually produced by the human body, which means it's a nonessential amino acid.

Some nonessential amino acids are considered “conditionally essential,” meaning the body sometimes struggles to create enough of it—Glycine is one of these. Fortunately, Divi’s products fill the gap by providing more of this amino acid directly to your scalp.

Glycine vs. Hair Loss: What Does Science Say?

A study was conducted on men with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) (also known as androgenic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness) using a cosmetic product containing glycine, as well as nicotinic acid hexyl ester, polyphenols, zinc and caffeine. The product in this study reduced the telogen rate in men with AGA and increased hair density significantly.

And that's not all! The study found that the way these ingredients work doesn't seem to be connected to gender. So, glycine is likely to work also in women. Glycine is also important in protein composition, which helps to stimulate hair follicle growth and lead to healthier hair.

Divi's hair products are all backed by science, and we have carefully chosen each ingredient to help your hair and scalp to thrive.

How does Glycine Benefit Your Hair and Scalp?

Divi's Scalp Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner include glycine, among their ingredients. Read on to find out about some of the great benefits of glycine.

Stimulates the Generation of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are really important for controlling the presence of free radicals. What's wrong with free radicals? Oxidative stress occurs when there are too many free radicals, and this can result in hair follicle miniaturization (shrinking of the hair follicle), which can lead to interrupted hair growth or even hair loss. 

Fortunately, glycine is one of three amino acids responsible for creating the powerful antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione helps to protect your cells against oxidative stress and reduce those pesky free radicals.

Glycine acts as a building block to create various proteins to help with managing hair-related problems and keep your hair follicles healthy.

Aids in the Growth of New, Healthy Hair Strands

We're talking all about hair, but what's it actually made of? Keratin is one of the main building blocks of all hair fibers. 

Keratin is essential for hair growth, but the body needs enough amino acids to keep producing it. Glycine is a particularly important amino acid, and it can cause keratinization to occur in the hair follicles. Keratinization is the process where newly formed cells develop when old cells are pushed from the base layers of the skin to the surface, which forms the hair shaft.

Collagen Production

Glycine is crucial for collagen production. Collagen can promote hair growth by building hair proteins and strengthening your scalp, which contains your hair roots. Thus, applying glycine topically to the scalp can help promote collagen production and a healthy head of hair.

How to Apply Glycine Correctly

Divi's Scalp Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner all contain glycine. Our products are packed with science-backed, clean ingredients that promote healthy hair growth.

Divi's products are easy to apply. You can apply our Scalp Serum to your hair and scalp daily. Apply a ¾ dropper of serum directly to a dry or towel-dried scalp to the areas you feel could benefit the most and massage it into your scalp.

Using our Shampoo and Conditioner is just as easy. Simply apply Divi’s Shampoo to wet hair and lather into the scalp and rinse. Follow up with our Conditioner – focusing on the ends of your hair, letting it sit for three (or more) minutes, then combing and rinsing.

Symptoms Glycine Can Treat

Dry Scalp

Glycine in hair products can help combat dry scalp. Glycine is a crucial component of dermal structure proteins. This amino acid penetrates the inner layers of the skin barrier and into the dermis, which is where your hair follicles are found. Once glycine reaches the dermis, it begins stimulating collagen production. This process helps repair damage for stronger, healthier scalp skin.

Glycine is one of the most important amino acids in maintaining the skin's moisture levels as part of its Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). The outermost layer of skin is called the stratum corneum, and the NMF is crucial in helping this stay moisturized, which combats dry skin.

Divi's Scalp Serum helps deliver amino acids to stimulate your hair follicles and soothe and moisturize your dry scalp.

Hair Loss and Thinning

Glycine is one of the 18 amino acids that play an important role in human hair growth. It aids in the formation of new hair strands by stimulating the hair follicles and triggering keratinization. 

The glycine from Divi’s Scalp Serum helps newly formed cells develop beneath old cells in the scalp, continuing the process of keratinization.

Glycine also creates glutathione to protect hair cells from stress, another cause of hair loss.

Is Glycine Safe for the Scalp?

Science says that glycine is completely safe for the scalp, and the topical application of glycine in hair care products causes no side effects.

In Divi's hair products, all our clinically effective ingredients are measured carefully and dermatologically tested to greatly reduce the chance of any negative effects. As with any new product, it is always recommended to do a patch test before using it to check for any irritation. If you experience worrisome side effects, stop using the product and talk with your doctor.

Does Glycine Treat Hair Loss?

Glycine clearly has many benefits and useful properties that can help throughout our body. It is a crucial part of the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor, which is key to keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. Glycine also has a central role in collagen production and keratinization — helping to invigorate the follicles and produce hair growth.

When a formula containing glycine is applied to the scalp, such as when you use Divi's Scalp Serum, it penetrates deep into the outermost layer of the skin, leaving your scalp moisturized and your follicles stimulated.

Other Ingredients in Divi Hair Products

Glycine is one of many science-backed, hero ingredients serving as an important ally for improving scalp health and creating an environment for your hair to flourish. Here are a few other ingredients our team included in Divi’s Scalp Serum, the centerpiece of our lineup:

  • Copper Tripeptide-1: Stimulates collagen production for active hair regrowth and thicker hair strands
  • Peppermint oil: Soothes inflamed or irritated scalps
  • Green tea extract: Promotes healthy hair growth by preventing the activity of hormones responsible for hair loss
  • Tea tree oil: Prevents buildup and banishes dandruff
  • Caffeine and eucalyptus oil: Reduces inflammation of the scalp and prevents hair loss through its anti-inflammation properties
  • Menthol: Helps with blood circulation in the scalp for nourished hair follicles and improved hair growth

Before trying another hair product, consider Divi’s Scalp Serum and the rest of our lineup. Our science-backed ingredients will improve your scalp’s health and promote hair growth. Try our Scalp Serum today.