Scalp Care Guide

Scalp Care Guide

Welcome to the scalp care world. At Divi, we are obsessed with laying a proper foundation for real, healthy hair growth. In an industry with a million misleading “easy fixes” and “miracle products”, we’re here to bring lasting results through clean and honest lifestyle changes. Intentional hair care requires taking care of the scalp - where it all begins!


1. Take a Chill Pill. Reducing heat usage does wonders for overall hair and scalp health. We love using heat-free hairstyles like loose buns, braids, and half-up/half-down styles to stay cute while cutting back on heat. Cute hair accessories come in clutch too - especially claw clips and cute barrettes.


2. Go with the Flow. Stimulate and restore hair growth by gently massaging your scalp with your fingers or a scalp massaging tool. Getting your scalp’s blood circulation flowing helps your hair follicles to thrive.


3. From the Inside Out. Incorporate more iron-rich and omega-3 foods into your diet - spinach and salmon are basically hair heroes. After all, it’s like they say - you are what you eat.


This is just a kickstarter - we’re so excited to keep working with you through your scalp health journey. Scalp health is clean and honest - so don’t forget to check out our Wellness, Nutrition, and Q&A blogs for well-rounded tips.