Shampoo & Conditioner

Full ingredient lists are available on the Shampoo & Conditioner product pages. Ingredients are also listed on the product packaging.

We're so sorry this happened! If any of our products have gotten in your eye, we recommend flushing with water immediately. While you may experience some pain in the eye, there is no cause for alarm as our products have undergone dermatologist testing and have been deemed safe. The irritation is likely because of the essential oils like peppermint oil included in our formula. By continuing to splash water, you are diluting these even more and the pain will subside shortly. If you experience any further issues, we recommend contacting your doctor for further assistance.

Our products are safe to use daily, but we recommend using it as you would any other shampoo & conditioner based on your wash frequency and preferences. 

Our products have been deemed safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we always suggest consulting with your physician before using.

Our products focus on scalp health. This means we’re creating a nourished, protected and resilient scalp. Some users have found that this healthy environment has increased hair growth and hair thickness, but results vary. 

The amount you use depends on your hair length and thickness, so we recommend playing around until you find the perfect amount. Most users say that a dime-to-quarter-sized dollop works best.

The lifetime of your bottle will depend on how frequently you use the product, and how much you use. Most find that their bottles last anywhere from 24-30 uses, or about 4-6 months.

Apply Shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage the scalp and rinse. Follow up with Conditioner, focusing on the ends. Let the product sit for at least three minutes. Comb product through hair and rinse thoroughly.

While we recommend using Divi’s products together as a part of a healthy scalp routine, it is not required to achieve results. That said, each of our products works a little differently to promote happy, healthy hair. Our Scalp Serum is designed to nourish the scalp, our Shampoo cleanses and removes buildup and our Conditioner softens and hydrates the hair. Together, this trio creates a healthy scalp environment and promotes happy, easy-to-style hair.

Divi's main goal is to promote overall scalp health for everybody. While all of our products are made with clean ingredients and have been used by people with a variety of hair types, we recognize that everyone’s hair type is unique. If you’re not satisfied with how the product works on your hair type, you can return your product for a refund within our 60-day return window.

While our Shampoo & Conditioner have been dermatologist-tested, we recognize that children’s scalps are often more sensitive than adults. For that reason, we recommend consulting your child’s doctor and patch testing before use.

Our products have no known side effects, but everyone reacts differently to different ingredients. If you notice any unusual symptoms like redness or irritation on your scalp or increased hair loss, stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor. You may be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in the product!

Absolutely, Divi is for all genders and we have received many great reviews from men who use our products.




Our products are vegan, clean and very gentle—making them suitable for all skin and hair types. That being said, everyone is different, and some people are more sensitive to different ingredients. If you are concerned about how your body will react, we recommend doing a spot test on your inner arm to check for sensitivity.

Our Shampoo & Conditioner are free from synthetic fragrance. The delicious smell is from our clean ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oil.

We have customers of every age group who have used our products successfully and have had great results! If you read through our customer reviews, you'll find testimonials and pictures from individuals of all paths of life who have experienced hair loss after pregnancy, menopause or as they age (gracefully, of course) and have found Divi extremely helpful in their scalp health journey.

While there are many underlying causes of dandruff, several of the ingredients in our Shampoo and Conditioner have been shown to soothe the scalp (like peppermint oil) and target dead skin buildup (like tea tree oil), which may help improve dandruff symptoms.

We have not seen any issues with colored or bleached hair, but we always recommend doing a patch test before use.