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Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit
Fresh + Clean Kit

Hydrate + Refresh

Fresh + Clean Kit

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Featuring Divi’s Original Shampoo & Conditioner and breakthrough Dry Shampoo, this healthy hair trio keeps your scalp cleansed and nourished on wash days and “I’d rather not” days.


Dry Shampoo (5.3 oz)
Original Shampoo (12 fl oz)

Original Conditioner (12 fl oz)

Dry Shampoo

Formulated to:

  • Absorb oil & balance the scalp
  • Refresh hair between washes
  • Boost volume at the root

Original Shampoo

Formulated to:

  • Help manage oil & product buildup
  • Nourish the scalp & hair
  • Help reduce the appearance of breakage

Original Conditioner

Formulated to:

  • Moisturize the hair
  • Help strengthen hair strands
  • Help detangle & improve manageability

*with globally sourced ingredients

  • Cleanse scalp and hair with Divi’s Original Shampoo.
  • Add a dose of hydration with Divi’s Original Conditioner.
  • Refresh hair between washes with Divi’s Dry Shampoo.

Dry Shampoo

  • Rice & Corn Starch Blend
  • Wheat Bran Extract
  • Sarcosine
  • Micro-Algae

  • Made Without Benzene, Talc, Butane & Propane

Original Shampoo 

  • Amino Acids
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Menthol

Original Conditioner

  • Amino Acids
  • Jojoba Esters
  • Coconut Oil

See Full Ingredient Lists

  • Improving overall scalp & hair health
  • A between-wash or post-workout refresh


Absorbs Oil & Balances the Scalp

Finally, a dry shampoo that works with your scalp—not against it. A blend of oil-absorbing ingredients not only refresh your hair between washes, but leave your scalp healthy so hair can thrive.

Made with Clean, Effective Ingredients

Our breakthrough Dry Shampoo formula is free of ingredients commonly found in dry shampoos on the market like benzene, talc, butane and propane. Between-wash days never felt so clean. 

Boosts Volume at the Root

You know that heavy, crunchy texture some dry shampoos leave behind? Our blend of rice and corn starches effectively absorb oil, leaving hair looking and feeling refreshed.

That Refreshing, Tingly Feeling

Feel a tingling sensation? That’s good for your scalp. Formulated with menthol and tea tree oil, Divi’s Original Shampoo stimulates your scalp, encouraging nutrient absorption at the root.

All-Day Softness & Shine

Too busy to be frizzy? Formulated with moisture-building ingredients, Divi’s Original Conditioner locks onto each strand, giving you the all-day hydration you crave.

Meet the Ingredients

Our formulas are crafted by our in-house team of scientists through an extensive research process.

Rice & Corn Starch Blend

Effectively absorbs oil to promote a balanced scalp, leaving hair looking refreshed.

Wheat Bran Extract

Protects and supports hair against free radicals.


An amino acid that helps to rebalance the scalp’s microbiome, reduce oiliness, and improve scalp comfort.


Helps to reduce breakage.

How to Use

Apply Shampoo to wet hair, gently massaging the scalp. Rinse and repeat if desired.

Coat the ends of your hair with a quarter-sized amount of Conditioner. Let it sit for 3 minutes before rinsing.

Refresh between washes by spraying Dry Shampoo onto sectioned pieces at the root. Massage through after 1-2 minutes. Style your way.

Complete Your Healthy Hair Routine

  • Dry Shampoo

    Dry Shampoo $20.80 - $26.00 Old price

  • 30ml Scalp Serum

    30ml Scalp Serum $38.40 - $48.00 Old price

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Dry Shampoo is an aerosol, which means it can only be delivered within the contiguous US via ground shipping. If we could change the rules so everyone across the globe could access this Dry Shampoo, we would! (It’s really that good.)

    Yes! The scalp-nourishing ingredients in our Dry Shampoo are friends to all hair and scalp types. But if your hair tends to run oily, you just might fall in love. If your scalp runs sensitive, we recommend testing the product on one spot before applying to the whole scalp.

    How often you’ll need to apply the product depends on your scalp type. Feel free to use it as often as you need to to refresh your scalp and get that gorgeous volume boost between washes.

    The unique blend of starches we chose for this product leave your scalp and hair looking refreshed.

    Our products focus on scalp health. This means we're creating a nourished and resilient scalp. Some users have found that this healthy environment can help their hair appear thicker and more voluminous, but results vary.

    Our Shampoo & Conditioner are free from synthetic fragrance. The delicious smell is from peppermint and tea tree oil.


    Fresh + Clean Kit

    One-time Purchase