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Divi is in the Haus!

Divi is in the Haus!

LA & Dallas! Starting June 20th, we're collabing with Face Haus on a mind-melting 2-in-1 facial and scalp service at any Face Haus location through October 20th. (And FYI, your scalp is really an extension of the skin on your face!) Includes a cryo mask and full extractions for your skin. Plus, Divi’s signature “Scalp SOS” 15-minute scalp massage featuring their award-winning Scalp Serum and high frequency comb for an invigorating hair wellness experience. 

Did you know?

Just like the skin on your face, the scalp needs a solid routine to thrive. Instead, most of us pile on products and scorch it with heat—not ideal. Want to unlock your hair’s potential? Incorporate scalp care into your self-care routine with these 3 easy tips.

  1. Exfoliate with a scalp brush.

Before washing, buff away dead skin, oil and product buildup with a scalp brush in small circular motions.

  1. Double cleanse on wash days.

Your scalp’s natural oils are important. A double shampoo creates a clean slate, extending time between washes.

  1. Hydrate & nourish your scalp barrier.

Your scalp’s barrier needs TLC. Soothe, balance and moisturize the skin on your scalp daily with Divi’s Scalp Serum.