Stress Less: 5 Self Care Tips

Friend, if you only take one thing away from our tips and tricks we hope it’s this - do less, God bless! We are living in a 24/7 hustle harder culture, and the stress we put on our minds and our bodies everyday affects us in more ways than we can often see in the moment. Stress prevents hair growth and can even cause hair loss. Have you ever looked back on a difficult season of your life and realized that your hair stayed relatively the same length from start to finish? It’s not uncommon for your hair to stop growing during periods of extreme stress, but even relatively “average” stress levels can affect your hair’s growth. Let’s beat the stress with a few self care tips.

  1. Shake it off. Moving your body is one of the absolute best ways to release stress from your system. Whether your workout routine consists of weight lifting, going for a run, or dancing around your living room to your favorite songs, get your body moving. It’s simple but oh-so-effective.
  2. Put pen to paper. If your head is racing with anxious thoughts and never ending to-do lists, grab a notepad and just start writing everything that’s on your mind. A brain dump can do wonders for your stress levels - it’s too much to carry all of that around all day! 
  3. Talk it out. Don’t keep all of those fears and burdens to yourself - call a friend! Our stress levels spike when we allow a cycle of negative thoughts to thrive. 
  4. Put the phone down. After you’ve made that call, say sayonara to your cell for an hour or more if you can. Read a book, meditate, stretch, sing - anything but scrolling, comparing, and stressing. 
  5. Say “no”. We’ve been working our way up to the big one… say no to someone or something this week. Boundaries are powerful, and there’s truly no realistic way to manage your stress levels without them. It’s even okay to say no to good things - because sometimes, you have to choose between two wonderful options. Measure your availability - emotionally, spiritually, and physically - and only take on what you healthily can. 


Sure - we’ll never say no to a good bath bomb or a new candle, but everyday self care isn’t always glam. You have to give yourself the space and time to grow - just like your hair. Let us know how you destress and practice self care.